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Expo 2020 in dubai

Let’s talk! 


When was the last time someone asked you what you are the most grateful for, what you are dreaming of or what you value the most in life? We need more meaningful and honest conversations in our lives and society. Research shows that deeper conversations result in greater happiness and improved wellbeing.

We are passionate about making personal development fun, easy and interactive and we think it all starts with talking more about the things that really matters to us! Therefore we are so excited to be announcing that we are an official partner to Expo 2020 and will be hosting meaningful conversation workshops in the Swedish pavilion in Dubai between 25 – 27 October. 

Join us for a interactive session about meaningful conversations at the Co-creation stage at the Swedish Pavillion in Dubai:
25 October 2:00 - 2:30 pm 
27 October 6:00 - 6.30 pm


Interested in partner up with us? Send ut an email to

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Social media campaign expo 2020

What questions need to be asked more?


In the coming weeks until our participation at Expo 2020 we will focus on what we believe is more important than ever; to have more meaningful conversations. And all conversations start with one question!


What questions do you think we need to ask ourselves and each other more often? You can post your thoughts under the hashtags #letstalk and #powerfulquestions 

We will raise your questions and also share what some of our greatest inspirations within personal development and mental strength have to say on the topic! Join us in the conversation!

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